Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Mabel Lew Scholarship Awarded

In 1997, the Mabel Lew Trust donated $100,000 to Pearl S. Buck International to establish a scholarship program in the name of Mabel Lew. In accordance with the donor’s wishes, Pearl S. Buck International annually invites college students or college bound high school seniors who were adopted through our Welcome House adoption program to apply for the Mabel Lew Scholarship

Pearl S. Buck International is pleased to announce this year’s scholarship recipient is Cory Saunders from Doylestown, PA. She was adopted from Sanshui, Guangdong Province, China in 1997 when she was two years old. Cory will begin her freshman year at Haverford College in the fall to study mathematics. Cory stated, “My family greatly appreciates Pearl S. Buck International’s gesture of kindness. We were brought together by the opportunities Pearl S. Buck International provided for us, and we're so thankful that it has extended its kindness once more to assist me in my pursuit of higher education.” 

Teri Mandic, vice president of programs at Pearl S. Buck International said,  “the selection committee chose Cory as the 2013 scholarship recipient because, she exemplified academic excellence and alignment with all eligibility criteria more so than the other applicants.”
Cory Saunders accepted the Mabel Lew Scholarship Award at the Pearl S. Buck House Grand Reopening Celebration on June 26 from David Yoder, Chairman of the Pearl S. Buck International Board of Directors and the first child helped by Welcome House.
Criteria for the scholarship include: 
- The applicant must be a United States Citizen.
- The applicant should be a gifted, economically disadvantaged, Asian-descended Welcome House adoptee The award will be a $5,000 one-time scholarship which will be paid directly to the educational institution and will only be valid for a four-year undergraduate degree program.


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